Atelier Fabry-Pérot

Steampunk laseristes.

Atelier Fabry-Pérot is our brand name for a range of decorative and functional steampunk accessories and home decorations. These are ready-made and kit-form items, available off-the-shelf for you to take home and decorate your laboratory, lair or hollowed-out volcano.

These are available through our Etsy shop , also through a variety of events, mostly in Wales and the South West of England.

Naturally we also adore commissions, so please have a chat.

Why Atelier Fabry-Pérot??


Airships – Construction instructions for our airship kits. Still under construction

Big Red Rocket – Construction instructions for our rocket kits.

The cage ball decorations – and construction instructions for their kits.


We attend a number of steampunk events, particularly those in Wales and the South West.

Frome Steampunk Extravaganza

Saturday, 18th May 2013

Victorian Yuletide Fayre, Cardiff

Sunday, 9 December 2012 Sorry, it's gone now!