Big Red Rocket

Rocket, on the optional stand

Self-assembly rocket kits, in laser-cut MDF. Around a foot high when complete.

New! Giant rockets, twice the size.

Atelier Fabry-Pérot are proud to offer you rockets as either kits or ready-made.

Rocket stannding on the cover of the Tintin book, 'Explorers on the Moon'

The inspiration for the design is from 1930s space opera and of course Tintin, but the original CAD drawings for the laser-cut version are from Thingiverse by syvwlch. These are licensed for our use, and your use, under an open-source CC-by-sa licence.

Construction details.

Our version is slightly developed from this original. In the open source spirit, these will also be available from our Thingiverse page (soon!) or on request by email, if you're in a hurry.

Rocket, from the rear
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike