Just some of our past work


Vases and Glassware

Engraved leather

Engraved owl heads on leather

March 2013

The owls are 60 mm across. Their artwork is identical, this is just engraving at two power settings. The top owl is still smooth and can't be felt to the touch. It's barely visible unless the light is right – very subtle, nice for logos.

The brown owl is enough power to take the blue dyed surface off the leather and give a colour contrast. No real depth to it though and no damage to the leather.

A nice aspect with laser engraving like this is that you can apply it equally well to either hides or finished goods.

Engraved Perspex

Engraved dog tags

February 2013

Dogtags for Mark Cordory and his post-apocalyptic LARPing exploits.

Engraved brown Perspex acrylic. I dulled the surface before engraving them and they came out looking like '30s Bakelite.


The Cogulator, a large plywood cycloidal drive gear


A large cycloidal drive, made by laser-cutting plywood and complicated geometry!

Steampunk Deathstarfish

Steampunk Deathstarfish

December 2012

Small modification by us at Thingiverse, to an original design.

Despite appearances, this is entirely cut from 3mm MDF.