Dog tags

Dog tags for a post-apocalyptic-themed LARP event.

Some of my favourite uses for the laser are in prop-making, for stage or interactive events. There's a vast variety of materials and techniques and every job is different.


Individual leather mask pieces cut
Leather mask pieces, stacked

More work for Mark Cordory. Leather cutting work for the mask of his Light Elemental costume.


Some Japanese-themed lanterns for the Mythlore LARP event. We'll be trading there as Amaterasu's Mirror, traditional Nihonese laser cutters.

Most laser-cut work has a habit of looking like plywood with burned edges. These lanterns were a deliberate attempt to get away from this with something three dimensional and not just a square box.

Test Tube Cabaret

Extracting sunlight from fruit

Rather unusually, I was asked to do cabaret. Something with electricity and gherkins.

Naturally my stage equipment had to be laser cut.