– Railway headboards, nameplates and signs

General signs – for railways and stations.

We can make a variety of general signage too, either reproductions or new texts. Useful if you need a Mobility Scooter Crossing or a Wi-Fi Available to blend in with original GWR cast-iron, not just Beware Of Trains (although we make that too).

Street signs, in traditional 'cast iron' styles.

Your favourite street, footie ground, or a fictional location.

As these original signs were in cast iron, we make them in one piece, then paint the finished item. This gives a different effect from the nameplates, where we paint separately before assembly to give the sharpest definition.

Before the 1963 Worboys report on designing clearer road signs, Britain used these distinctive and now highly collectible signs. We've made some replicas. Then we liked them so much that we made a few more, in the same style.

Weatherproof Tricoya™

Outdoor signs, painted and unpainted.

Signs for outdoors can be made in full weatherproof Medite Tricoya™. This material is like MDF, but the makers consider it to have a life of 50 years outside, even unpainted. We don't know about that duration, but we've test signs on the outside of our workshop that have seen several winters now and they're still great.

Some other products, such as most of our headboards, can also be made in Tricoya™, to order.