Laser cutting is a great way to shape sheet goods: plywood and MDF in particular.

With the size of our large laser, sheets up to 3 feet × 2 feet can be cut in one piece.


Most wood can be cut by laser. This includes MDF, a fine-detailed and low-cost material. Great for painting afterwards. Thin materials can use high quality plywoods.

Solid timber can also be cut by laser. This can be very attractive for engraving projects.


Lettered pendants in pink Perspex acrylic sheet

Perspex (acrylic) cuts very well by laser. We offer clear, mirrored and popular colours from stock.

Some other plastics can be cut or engraved too – please ask.

One material that can't be cut by laser is PVC (and uPVC). The fumes are corrosive to the machine optics, as well as toxic.


Parts for a leather mask. Profile cut to shape, with extra line engraving

Leather engraves nicely on the surface and it can also be cut to shape.


Some materials can't be cut, but can be engraved on the surface.




Anodised aluminium can be engraved to remove the coloured anodising layer, exposing the silvery aluminium beneath. There are also brass sheets that can give a similar effect, writing in brassy-gold. Great for label and tag making.

We can also offer laser thermal marking, where a vitreous enamel paint is fused onto the surface of metals. This is popular for labelling tools in stainless or chromed steels.