Ready-made or made to order

Atelier Fabry-Pérot
Our steampunk-themed range of decorations and accesories is available under our other brand of Atelier Fabry-Pérot.

These are available through our Etsy shop , also through a variety of events, mostly in Wales and the South West of England.


Japanese-themed box lanterns

Paper shoji screen style lamps, with mains LED lamps. Low power and cool in operation, great as nightlights.

Railway Headboards

Your own steam train?

Train headboards for use on special trains, or for decoration.

Custom designs and text.

Business card cases

Specially for crafts people at markets, or anyone else needing a portable public display.

Business card cases for carrying a lot of cards which then open to form a display case. 35mm high inside, about 100 typical cards.

Custom engraved with your text, logo and website. Email: to tell us what you'd like on yours.