Our Atelier Fabry-Pérot market stall nameplate as a GWR locomotive nameplate

The nameplate of our market stall
as Atelier Fabry-Pérot.

Locomotive nameplates are very collectable, but their prices are steep. Even replica cast aluminium plates are several hundred pounds. A more convenient and affordable choice are our replica nameplates. They're painted laser-cut wood.

Original GWR plates are huge. Those here are half-size, making them just under three feet across - a convenient size for hanging over the mantelpiece. The smaller plates are a quarter size.

Our Atelier Fabry-Pérot market stall nameplate as a GWR locomotive nameplate

We've made a range of nameplates so far. The large green plates are Great Western Railway (GWR) style. The smaller red ones are LMS. We've a range of them already made, from popular loco names like Great Western to door names for your Laboratory.

We can of course make custom plates. New texts in existing plates don't even need new artwork charges.


Railway train headboard for 'The Parkend Flyer', with metallic silver letters on a red background

Your own steam train?

Train headboards for use on special trains, or just for decoration.

Choose your own custom designs and text. It's early days for these as yet, so we're very interested in what people would like.

Railway train headboard for 'Weapons of Mass Disruption' on the Mid-Norfolk Railway 2014 Gala

Headboard for 'Weapons of Mass Disruption' on the Mid-Norfolk Railway 2014 Gala

Email: to tell us what you'd like on yours.

If you would like to fly to Parkend, then try the Dean Forest Railway.


These are cut from 6mm MDF, a man-made wood fibre board, for the main board and the raised letters. An extra plate at the back thickens the wood to take mounting screws. Drilled and countersunk holes are available, on request, to screw on from the front.

These are painted to make the MDF weather-resistant. They're rainproof for use in service on trains, but it is not recommended that they're left outdoors in storage or that they're mounted permanently outdoors.

The paint finish uses three coats:

The MDF is soaked in a coat of thin polyester resin, usually used for repairing dry rot. This soaks into the board, giving a harder wearing result than most primers, which can chip if damaged on the surface.
Aluminium metallic primer
This is both a good primer and also the main waterproofing layer. It also gives a metallic finish for the letters and border. Other letter colours are available, applied as another coat over this.
Colour coat
Your choice of gloss background colour.


Train headboard in bare MDF and unpainted

Bare MDF

Fully Painted

Metallic letters and a coloured background.

Supplied with screws and mirror plate for wall hanging. For railway use, a lamp bracket fitting (not supplied) can be screwed to the back with the supplied 12mm screws.

We hope to soon offer these ready-fitted with lamp brackets (we still need to borrow a loco for test fitting them!).

If you'd rather arrange your own paintwork and save some money, we can supply these with just the first two primer coats: hardener and aluminium primer.

Not glued. It's easier and a better result if they're painted first, then glued. Any wood glue if you're gluing the bare wood first, but we recommend an epoxy if you're gluing painted letter.

Bare MDF
For the lowest price, order them in bare MDF, just as cut.

Not glued.


Draft design artwork of a complicated headboard with lots of text and a logo

The basic design is one or two lines of text (usually two words) and optionally "THE" above as a third line.

Some designs use rather more than this. They may even incorporate logos.

'Norfolkman' headboard

Some designs have additional artwork, usually a shield or two alongside the text. Unpainted shields can be provided on request. Painted shields would require additional artwork, although we do have an artist available who should be able to paint most designs. Get in touch and we can discuss details.

The shape illustrated is a typical example of headboards through the steam era. If there's another shape you'd like, a locomotive nameboard, or just a different choice of font, please get in touch.