We can offer a range of services, depending on each customer's own level of experience with laser cutting:

Simple cut & engrave
Cutting and engraving of a customer's own ready-designed CAD files, on their choice of standard materials.
Customer-supplied materials
If you have a particular material in mind, such as gasket sheets, particular grades of plywood or specialist art papers, then we can cut that too.
With an image file such as a .JPG, or even a paper scan, we can convert that to the CNC files needed to engrave it.
Design and cut
No CAD (Computer Aided Design) experience? We can handle the CAD aspect for you too.
This includes CAD from scratch, such as a pencil sketch, or converting existing mechanical CAD files for use with a laser.
Ready-made products
Our steampunk-themed range of decorations and accesories is available under our other brand of Atelier Fabry-Pérot.

These are available through our Etsy shop , also through a variety of events, mostly in Wales and the South West of England.

Cutting and Engraving

Our laser performs three basic types of cut:

Children's toy Jumping Jack, in 3mm MDF.
Profile cutting and line engraving.

The laser is at full power, then moves to cut out shapes.
Line engraving
At reduced power, the laser burns grooves or blackened lines. Several different depths can be cut on one piece.
Raster engraving
A photograph or other image is engraved onto the surface.

Raster cutting on ceramic tile, with a gold acrylic infill afterwards.


We can offer these across a range of materials, primarily sheet wood and plastics. Some materials, such as glass and stone, will surface engrave but not cut.

For a material to work (very broadly), it has to be something that will burn, but without killing either us or the laser when it does so.